Terms of investment

1-Break the contract

Contract period: 12 months

case 1

A contract can be broken at a minimum after three months
He recovers only the capital, without the profits
case 2
You can break the contract after six months and get back the capital plus profits
case 3
After the end of the contract 12 months, the capital will be returned

Stage 1

Registration will open from Feb 5 to Feb 13

And profit-taking will start in the first stage after 60 days in 13 APR

Whoever subscribes to this stage only will have a maximum profit rate of 25% of the package subscribed to

Note: Registration will close after Feb 13

No one can participate after this date

Registration can open again for a pre-announced period after 6 months

stage 2

In stage 2, the profit is taken on the first day of every month

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